The future is all about creating your own success.

Your future success will be determined by your ability to plan, grow and transition

At Steam Capital we help people every day make the changes they need to grow and develop their career. With workplaces, businesses and industries changing so rapidly it’s important for you to be empowered, enabled and confident so that you are in charge of your career with a clear plan for your future success.

Whether you are looking to advance to a leadership position in your current business or industry, or change to a different industry or job function, we can help you. If you’ve finished your undergraduate or postgraduate degree and are not sure of what’s next you can talk to us. If you’re looking to start your own business or exiting your business to go back to paid employment we can also help you.

No matter the transition, changing careers, changing jobs, changing work environments requires self-analysis, self-awareness and a set of skills combined with a sense of purpose and motivation.

Our Approach to Working with You

Our unique approach will empower you to take control of your career. You will learn how to translate your education, your skills, your experiences, your natural talents and potential into a value proposition that sets you up for the success you are looking for.

At Steam Capital our career transition process will take you on a journey of self-discovery. When you work with us you will:

  • uncover and translate your unique value to business
  • connect to opportunities
  • discover the skills you’ll need to be fully prepared for the future of work through access to our Steam Capital Future Talent Pre-Requisite Assessment” which sets out the 11 attributes or “future talents” we see as vital to thriving in the future workplace
  • have the confidence to open sustainable employment pathways so you can achieve the success you are looking for.

We work with you in two ways – either one-on-one or via programs that our participants rate highly.

For more information on our programs click here

To talk about your needs and learn more about how we can help you click here to access a complimentary 15 minute phone call, or take a look at our solutions workshops for people.

What our Clients Say

“I was connected to Libby at a time when I was at a career crossroads (age 34). I had the privilege of 1:1 sessions where Libby was able to help me realise my worth/value as well as identify what was required to enhance and build a strong personal brand.

I came out of my sessions refreshed, energised and with a clear vision as well as added confidence to tackle my next steps. I just wish I had known Libby 10 years earlier.”

Victoria ShumbaVoC, Quality Manager (Voice of the Customer)

Working with Libby has been absolutely great! She made sure the sessions focussed on areas that I identified as opportunities for growth on and worked with me to set relevant goals. Through the work in our sessions, Libby has helped me to shape a new perspective of establishing a career.

With her help, I have begun to clearly articulate my professional value and form an overall strategy for my career trajectory based on this. Best of all, I was able to contact Libby outside of the structured sessions when needing some advice, and she wasn’t afraid to be frank with me when it called for it. I have thoroughly enjoyed our work together which has been an apt extension to my MBA program. I can already see personal growth and I look forward to working with Libby some more.

Rumbi TichawanganaClinical Project Officer

I initially met with Libby to help me develop a career strategy and capitalise on my core skills. What appealed to me about Libby’s approach was her careful consideration about the essence of my career goals, her insistence on me really thinking through what my goals would mean on a day to day basis, a shared reflection on whether that is really what I wanted and then her determination to help me develop the steps that are going to help me have a truly successful and rewarding career.

Libby is an advocate for success and fruitful change and I recommend you spend time with Libby to harness your potential.

Sarah WardLawyer