Education enables us to fulfil our ambitions and our aspirations

Education is central to our lives, our society, our economy

At its core, education empowers us to fulfil our ambitions and our aspirations.

Education gives us the knowledge and the skills to change, to advance, to disrupt, to innovate, to create, participate and activate.

Education is a connector and an enabler. Education is also a discriminator and a blocker.

Right now the theory of education is being questioned. Relevance, commoditisation, its cost, its impact and its purpose are being debated, reinstated and denigrated by business, industry, students, parents, politicians, policy makers, government officials and university boards, Chancellors and the academic community.

Steam Capital through its investment in the 2019 Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum will bring together leaders from business, academia and government communities connecting them to discuss and debate the current and emerging trends impacting the worlds of people, business and education.

Our vision is to challenge the barriers that exist between individuals, business and education – enabling greater connectivity, understanding and impact of education and aspiration – exploring and uncovering best solutions for people and business as workforce changes impact, not only the way we work, but how we live and play.

To find out more about the Australia New Zealand MBA Directors Forum and how you can participate contact Libby Marshall here.

What our Clients Say

I have worked with Libby during my time as MBA program director at the UQ Business School, and in her capacity as the MBA Associate director responsible for overseeing MBA careers and development outcomes. Libby’ contribution to our MBA program’s success (ranked 1 in Australasia) was significant, as these rankings are partly contingent upon careers outcomes for the graduates.

Libby is an outstanding strategist and excels with business development. Her integrity, communication skills and work ethic are very impressive qualities and I have no hesitation in recommending her new service, having seen the results that she delivers, particularly in relation to career transition and development.

Associate Professor Sarah KellyUniversity of Queensland Law School
MBA Director UQ Business School 2012 – 2016

Libby’s good humour and engaging nature make it easy for Libby to connect with all stakeholders; student, academic and business.

Her wide-ranging interests give her a broad-minded approach to problem solving.

Someone who truly makes a difference every day.

Damian VassalloVice President APAC – Right Crowd Software

“Undertaking an MBA after growing many technology start-up companies was a logical next step to progressing my career.

Today I build revenue and EBITDA growth for companies in dynamic and complex international markets. My career transition into growing businesses would not have been possible without the support of professional mentors and coaches.

Libby is a truly inspiring coach who has helped me develop my brand and provide a different lens on applying my skills to a global market.

I highly recommend Libby and I appreciate the support she has offered in shaping my career path.”

Andrew Beitz Chief Technology Officer