We’re here to help you get ready!

Helping You Transform For The Future

At Steam Capital we transform the way people prepare for employment and we are revolutionising the way employers attract, identify and select talent.

Our focus is on helping people, and workplaces, prepare themselves for the future of work – to be ready for and not afraid of the disruption and advancement that is coming.

From a business perspective this means creating a culture and a workforce ready, motivated and capably of managing rapid change.

From a personal perspective this means taking full responsibility for your career – developing the skills you need to transition and adapt to what is coming.

To achieve this we focus on two vital factors: what we call the Steam Capital Whole Person Agenda – and the Steam Capital Future Talent Pre-requisites – a specific set of capabilities we have identified as crucial to the needs of the future workplace.

These factors are embedded in our Disrupt to Thrive methodology. Our 5-step process provides the strategy, tools and workshops to help people change their behaviour so they have more confidence in themselves and can grow into the roles you need for the future. This step-by-step process, creates momentum where people start to take action, get motivated and get results quickly.

Our proprietary tool: the “Steam Capital Future Talent Pre-Requisite Assessment” helps people and businesses assess their readiness for the future of work. This tool sets out the 11 attributes or “future talents” we see as vital to thriving in the future workplace.

We also offer a range of workshops that assist in helping you, or your team become prepared for the future.

What our Clients Say

“Libby Marshall is empathetic, smart, well connected and is extremely passionate about helping people excel in a changing world. I first met Libby six years ago and was immediately impressed by her warm and engaging style along with her ability to quickly build an authentic rapport with both client and candidate.

Libby is an absolute standout in helping employers connect with the right talent at the right time in their business and for candidates, Libby is extraordinary at helping candidates achieve their full potential in their chosen industry and preferred organisation.

Jo Willoughby Executive / Non Executive Director

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Libby for over 5 years. She is an exceptional career consultant and effectively helped me transition careers from science to management.

Her unique of approach of career creation, that recognises and builds on purpose and strengths, gave me confidence to put myself forward for roles and contracts that I thought were out of my reach.

Libby is fun to work with, authentically interested in others stories, results driven and operates on a global scale.

Jackie Harness Director / Management Consultant / Psychotherapist

“Undertaking an MBA after growing many technology start-up companies was a logical next step to progressing my career.

Today I build revenue and EBITDA growth for companies in dynamic and complex international markets. My career transition into growing businesses would not have been possible without the support of professional mentors and coaches.

Libby is a truly inspiring coach who has helped me develop my brand and provide a different lens on applying my skills to a global market.

I highly recommend Libby and I appreciate the support she has offered in shaping my career path.”

Andrew Beitz Chief Technology Officer