I have worked with Libby during my time as MBA program director at the UQ Business School, and in her capacity as the MBA Associate director responsible for overseeing MBA careers and development outcomes. Libby’ contribution to our MBA program’s success (ranked 1 in Australasia) was significant, as these rankings are partly contingent upon careers outcomes for the graduates. Libby is an outstanding strategist and excels with business development. Her integrity, communication skills and work ethic are very impressive qualities and I have no hesitation in recommending her new service, having seen the results that she delivers, particularly in relation to career transition and development.

Dr Sarah Kelly, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Queensland Law School, MBA Director UQ Business School 2012 – 2016, Deputy Chair Brisbane Lions AFL, Director – Tourism and Events Queensland

I have recently completed the Steam Capital program with Libby Marshall. Libby clearly has great insight into the job market and was able to quickly see the value in my experience, helping me understand my strengths. The process provided the tools to reflect on my natural talents, skills and aspirations and build a positive framework for my job search. Following the program, I feel more confident and in control of my career.

Claire BryantMarketing Director at FOX

My experience so far with Steam Capital has been extremely positive. It has encouraged me to give genuine thought and time to understanding why and what I am truly good at, what I have done in my career to earn my stripes and put this into an intelligent, succinct way to describe who I am, that gives the reader a clear understanding of what I offer to potential employers. It has guided my thinking to give real consideration to the companies and industries I would like to make a difference in, in the future.

I was introduced to the program by a colleague and was initially interested as this program is about teaching and extracting from the individual what makes them great at what they do. The program helps you to communicate your unique skillset, capturing your audience from the moment their eyes hit the page. I am more confident now that my resume and profile represent who I am, what I can do and what I have achieved. This program stands out because it makes the individual really reflect on themselves rather than having a cookie cutter approach to the most important document that sell you- the resume. The future opportunity of building a high performing talent pool that select employers can resource is also a unique point of difference for this program.

Kerry D.Kaplan Business School Australia

Libby Marshall is empathetic, smart, well connected and is extremely passionate about helping people excel in a changing world. I first met Libby six years ago and was immediately impressed by her warm and engaging style along with her ability to quickly build an authentic rapport with both client and candidate. Libby is an absolute standout in helping employers connect with the right talent at the right time in their business and for candidates, Libby is extraordinary at helping candidates achieve their full potential in their chosen industry and preferred organisation. The launch of STEAM Capital is a natural extension for Libby’s talent and the perfect opportunity for Libby to advise, guide and connect on a global scale.

JWExecutive/Non Executive Director

Libby’s good humour and engaging nature make it easy for Libby to connect with all stakeholders; student, academic and business. Her wide-ranging interests give her a broad-minded approach to problem solving. Someone who truly makes a difference every day.

DVVice President APAC & Entrepreneur

I initially met with Libby to help me develop a career strategy and capitalise on my core skills. What appealed to me about Libby’s approach was her careful consideration about the essence of my career goals, her insistence on me really thinking through what my goals would mean on a day to day basis, a shared reflection on whether that is really what I wanted and then her determination to help me develop the steps that are going to help me have a truly successful and rewarding career. Libby is an advocate for success and fruitful change and I recommend you spend time with Libby to harness your potential.


Undertaking an MBA after growing many technology start-up companies was a logical next step to progressing my career. Today I build revenue and EBITDA growth for companies in dynamic and complex international markets. My career transition into growing businesses would not have been possible without the support of professional mentors and coaches. Libby is a truly inspiring coach who has helped me develop my brand and provide a different lens on applying my skills to a global market. I highly recommend Libby and I appreciate the support she has offered in shaping my career path.

ABChief Technology Officer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Libby for over 5 years. She is an exceptional career consultant and effectively helped me transition careers from science to management. Her unique of approach of career creation, that recognises and builds on purpose and strengths, gave me confidence to put myself forward for roles and contracts that I thought were out of my reach. Libby is fun to work with, authentically interested in others stories, results driven and operates on a global scale. With the recent launch of her brain child, STEAM capital, Libby epitomises her own teaching – a consultant who actually walks her talk.

Dr JNDirector/Management Consultant/Psychotherapist

I was connected to Libby at a time when I was at a career crossroads (age 34). I had the privilege of 1:1 sessions where Libby was able to help me realise my worth/value as well as identify what was required to enhance and build a strong personal brand. I came out of my sessions refreshed, energised and with a clear vision as well as added confidence to tackle my next steps. I just wish I had known Libby 10 years earlier.

VSVoC, Quality Manager (Voice of the Customer)

Working with Libby has been absolutely great! She made sure the sessions focussed on areas that I identified as opportunities for growth on and worked with me to set relevant goals. Through the work in our sessions, Libby has helped me to shape a new perspective of establishing a career. With her help, I have begun to clearly articulate my professional value and form an overall strategy for my career trajectory based on this. Best of all, I was able to contact Libby outside of the structured sessions when needing some advice, and she wasn’t afraid to be frank with me when it called for it. I have thoroughly enjoyed our work together which has been an apt extension to my MBA program. I can already see personal growth and I look forward to working with Libby some more.

RTClinical Project Officer

I had a privilege of attending Libby’s workshop during the MBAus conference at Melbourne Business School. The career canvas she created and introduced was like a breath of fresh air after the endless train of various career development plans and strategies. This is an exceptionally powerful and illustrative framework which allows to structure all relevant information on a single page. More importantly, Libby’s comforting guidance and inspiration allow to discover the true depth of this instrument. Highly recommend Libby for anyone who is determined to mindfully approach personal career development and especially for MBAs.

RZMonash Business School

I’d like to thank you for your time, guidance and advice in helping me define my career path as a part of the MBA. It truly was an enabler for me to build confidence, find my passion and refine those skills I need in the future. Your workshops, advice, mentorship and our coffee catch up were fantastic and guided my decisions this year, especially with my job and company selection. You pushed me to think deeply about my decisions, truly understand where I want to be, what I want to be known for. Created passion again for work and those exciting adventures that come with it! Thank you for helping me transform my career through the MBA program.

RNManagement Consultant, BCG

“Seeking clarity through the noise" - this is the best way I can explain my experience working with Libby from Steam Capital. After a recent redundancy, I was inundated with so much advise I become confused and started doubting who I was professionally and what I had to offer. A friend suggested talking with Libby, I’m glad I did! Working with Libby was refreshing, her warm professional approach backed by years of experience made the whole process exciting. For once I actually enjoyed exploring my value and translating it into a commodity other would want. I strongly recommend Libby to anyone wanting to improve their professional career.


Libby has been instrumental in developing my confidence to make that leap of faith to transition my career from government into the private sector. The program takes you an in-depth process of finding your 'why', visualising your value proposition and what transferrable skills you have to offer a future employer. It is a boost for your confidence, reshapes your thinking and resets your career path for a future opportunity that takes you on a new adventure that sets you up for success.


The steps to developing a value proposition and redesigned CV were clear and provided great opportunity for reflection and an opportunity to re-evaluate the employment process and what you want to get out of it. I typically would "re-invent" myself every time I saw a potential opportunity. Having this circuit breaker was refreshing. The 1-1 with Libby was the kicker to the whole program, having that frank discussion helped to identify the opportunities that can be made available and validate my aspirations and career intentions. It also gave a lot more context and detail around what the value proposition should be and how to develop the key operational deliverables.


I've found the main benefit is being able to visualise and vocalise what I want to do in the one on one coaching session. This has helped me realise how I need to sell myself and identify the gaps in my own skills and knowledge where I can take steps to fill.


It has been great to spend some time reflecting on my own value proposition and passions in both business and life. Often working as a senior executive taking the time to do such things is put to the side when it is such a priority particularly in such times of change in the marketplace.

I have really valued the time I have spent with Libby 1 to 1 to talk through how I can maximise my career potential and link in with employers who share my passion and to really hone in on my personal passion and value statements. I would recommend anyone seeking to drive their career forwards connect with the Steam Capital team.

Adam S.